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Gpredict Download Info

Currently, I can only guarantee installation support for source package, although binary packages may be available from third parties. Brief installation instructions and notes are given below. Please also study the documents available in the source package.

Shortcuts: Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora Core, Suse, Mandriva, Tiny Core, BSD, Mac OS X, Windows.

Source Package

If you can not find a suitable binary package you can try to compile Gpredict from source – it is actually quite easy.

The latest source distribution can be downloaded from the SourceForge download area.

Unpack the source package with:

     tar -xvfz gpredict-x.y.z.tar.gz

Change to the gpredict-x.y.z directory and build gpredict:

     make install

The last step usually requires you to become root, otherwise you may not have the required permissions to install gpredict. If you can not or do not want to install gpredict as root, you can install gpredict into a custom directory by adding --prefix=somedir to the ./configure step.

If the configure step fails with an error, examine the output. It will usually tell you which package or libraries you needin order to build gpredict. Please note, the you also need the so-called development packages. In many GNU/Linux systems you can just install the GNOME Development stuff, but I would recommend to just install everything if you can (except if you are running Debian ;-).

The network support (automatic TLE update) requires cURL and libcurl. It is available for all Linux distribution that I know of.

If you encounter any show-stoppers, feel free to ask for help, see User Support.


Gpredict has been included in Ubuntu Universe since Dapper; however, the last version is now quite out of date and lacks many fixes. If you experience problems please try the latest builds from our daily snapshots PPA.

Debian Packages

Gpredict has been included in Debian for a long time. See the package status page for details. Same reservations as for Ubuntu apply.

Fedora Core

Gpredict is available for Fedora Core, see the status here. Thanks to Denis Leroy for packaging.

Suse Linux

Gpredict is included in Open Suse since 10.2, see the hamradio repository.


No recent info available. You can try the Fedora or Suse RPMs.

Tiny Core Linux

Gpredict is now also included in Tiny Core Linux.


Gpredict is available from freshports.

Mac OS X

There are two possibilities:

  1. Gpredict is avaialble via MacPorts.
  2. Mac OS X/Darwin packages as well as instructions on how to build gpredict on Mac OS X is available from The Huntsville Macintosh Users Group. Many thanks to Marius Schamschula for providing this information.
  3. Gpredict is also avaialble as a Fink package and seems to be quite recent.

There is unfortunately no app bundle for Mac OS X that doesn't require a port to be installed.


We have had regular windows binary build of Gpredict since v1.1, thanks to Alan Moffet KE7IJZ and Valentin Yakovenkov. Check the download site – if there is none for the latest version try to look for the previous versions.