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Gpredict User Support

Before asking for support, please search the forums and the Internet to see whether that topic is already answered.

We have a web forum kindly hosted by the Libre Space Foundation. You are welcome to use this forum for any kind of discussions related to Gpredict.

We still have our gpredict-discussion mailing list that you can use. Sadly, the browsing and searching capabilities on SourceForge leave a lot to be desired and we recommend using the web forum instead.

Please do not use GiHub Issues for general user support - we would like to keep that place for tracking bugs and feature requests

Submitting bugs

If you believe that you have discovered a bug in gpredict, please submit a bug report via the issue tracker. Please include a thorough description of the bug, how to reproduce it, and the environment you are using. We will do our best to follow up quickly, in particular when creitical error and bugs are discovered. You are also welcome to discuss any potential bugs on the forum before filing a report.