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Gpredict User Support

Web Forum

We have a web forum under the SatNOGS projects that you are welcome to use for any kind of discussions related to Gpredict, be that user and developer type discussions.

Mailing list

The gpredict-discussion mailing list can be used for any kind of discussions related to Gpredict. The list is intended for both users and developers. Announcements of new releases are also sent to this list. You will have to subscribe, otherwise your posts will be blocked (spam prevention). See the list information page for details.

Submitting Bugs

If you believe that you have found a bug in gpredict, you can submit a report via the issue tracker. Please include a detailed description of the bug, how to reproduce it, and the environment you are using. The bug tracker will give you the possibility to monitor the evolution of your report, i.e. when the bug is fixed, closed, etc. You are welcome to discuss any potential bugs on the forum or the mailing list before you submit it.