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Gpredict Documents

  • The user manual corresponding to the latest version is available in the SourcForge download area.
  • The design document will also be available shortly.
  • We have a wiki where user can add their notes and other documentation.

Reference Documents

If you are interested in learning how satellite tracking programs such as Gpredict work, we can suggest the following reading:

  1. SpaceTrack Report number 3 describes the SGP, SGP4, SDP4, SGP8, and SDP8 propagation models used by satellite tracking programs and provides source code exmaples in FORTRAN. The document also contains references to the original publications.
  2. The Keplerian Elements Short Tutorial by Miguel Menendez Vazquez, EA1BCU, gives a good introduction on the two-line file format used for distribution of Keplerian Elements (TLE data).
  3. The Seven (or Eight) Keplerian Elements provides detailed descriptions of the individual terms that are part of the two-line data.